Power Play: Borderlands (2009)

Hello Power Players, I am here to announce our first game!

Firstly, I want to thank everyone coming to play along with us. Our first game will be Gearbox's Borderlands. We will be playing through the entire story, and DLC as a bonus.

In 2008, Randy Pitchford announced Borderlands. This game sought to bring shooters and role playing games together by combining active shooting with long term leveling and progression. Before Borderlands loot, leveling, and quests had never been implemented in a primarily first person shooter--at least not on this scale of dedication--leading to Borderlands being referred to as a "Role-Playing Shooter". Coupled with a procedural gun creation system, Borderlands was looking to impress.

Upon release in October of 2009, Borderlands was receiving much praise for it's mechanics and overall fun, but was reported to be lacking in a very intriguing narrative. Despite any criticism, Borderlands scored very well with many of the major gaming outlets of the time, and currently holds an 81 on Metacritic (PC). Borderlands also sold very well; selling in about 2 million copies in the first 3 months of release, and about 4.5 million copies by late 2011.

We are very excited to revisit Borderlands, many years after its initial release, and hope you all will join us in this endeavor.

Episode Schedule:

  1. Finish Quest: Sledge: Battle for the Badlands
  2. Finish Quest: Meet Crazy Earl
  3. Finish Main Story
  4. DLC

- Zac Thomas

Here are a few videos and articles that will help you get in the 2009 mind set: