KAIDO Cast 31 - Low FPS Monsters

Although Dave will, unfortunately, not be able to join us regularly anymore, we still have a packed episode covering Tesla Vs Lovecraft, Monster Hunter, and a great interview with Ian Dallas of Giant Sparrow.

KAIDO Cast 30 - Dragon Ball Monster Vs Lovecraft (The Poet) feat. Fish

Although we are Dave-less this week, that doesn't keep us from talking about the recent releases of Dragon Ball and Monster Hunter!

KAIDO Cast 29 - Call me Ishmael

Stop by to hear us talk about Zac's recent decision to join a fraternity before hearing about Nantucket and Angels Fall First. Then, stick around for an interview with Cosmo D about his work in games!

KAIDO Cast 28 - Welcome to the Paper Clip Biz

All is, mostly, well in the gaming landscape. Coming off the heels of a surprise Nintendo Direct and CES 2018, we update you with what we found interesting, but only after we talk about fashion and paper clips.

KAIDO Cast 27 - Zac Goes to College

It's a new year and new episode of the KAIDO Cast. Zac and Dave discuss what they have play over the break, and what they are most anticipating in 2018!

Neokaido Game of the Year 2017 (Part 4)

The final discussion of 2017 houses our pick for Best Game. All of it has come to this; listen at your own risk.

Neokaido Game of the Year 2017 (Part 3)

We tackle the last few categories in day three of Game of the Year, which include: Best Presentation, Biggest Disappointment, Best Music. Enjoy!

Neokaido Game of the Year 2017 (Part 2-2)

In the second part of day two we discuss Best Looking, Best Game We Didn't Play, and Best Sequel. Enjoy Folks!

Neokaido Game of the Year 2017 (Part 2-1)

Sorry for breaking the episodes into pieces, but this is the first part of day two; that means we are discussing Best New Character and Best Writing. Enjoy!

Neokaido Game of the Year 2017 (Part 1)

Spend Christmas with us, discussing Best Dressed, Best Sound Design, Something to Play, Best Performance, and Best Moment.

KAIDO Cast 26 - One Way To End a Great Year (2017)

Dave and Zac wrap up a great year of gaming with an extra long episode. Along with some catch-up is a prolonged discussion of their top 5 games of all time.

KAIDO Cast 25 - PSVR and Children

This week Rob and Zac discuss their attempts to catch up for game of the year.

KAIDO Cast 24 - Concept Album the Game

This week Zac and Dave talk about their attempts to catch up with this year's games in time for Game of the Year.

KAIDO Cast 23 - It's DOOM Baby

Zac and Rob tackle another quick week in gaming, while also discussing DOOM on the Switch, Shadow of War, and Super Mario Odyssey.

KAIDO Cast 22 - Take Control of Cappy

The band is back together and back at it! Also, bringing the most exciting games of the year to the table. On deck is Dave, with Super Mario Odyssey…

KAIDO Cast 21 - Mario Wet Tech

We trade Dave in for Evil Rob in this episode. Zac runs, jumps, and captures in Super Mario Odyssey. Rob tells of an alternate timeline from Wolfenstein the New Colossus, along with horrors from The Evil Within 2.

KAIDO Cast 20 - We Should Just Play Divinity

Dave and Zac embark on their Rob-less adventure one last time. Dave's interest in literature has lead him to an interesting place, and Zac fights the old fight.

KAIDO Cast 19 - Dominate them Orcs

This week is all about Shadow of War. Easy enough.


KAIDO Cast 18 - Difficult but Fair

This week we are, unfortunately, Rob-less again. Dave braves the discussion of whether games should gate players through difficulty. Zac talks highly of his new crush, Golf Story, along with Stardew Valley.

KAIDO Cast 17 - Cuphead or Contra?

This week, the darkness has consumed Rob; Andy and Zac must brave this humongous week of gaming alone. Andy and Zac continue discussions over Divinity, while…

KAIDO Cast 16 - Ecco the Rob

This week there were some technical difficulties, but don't let that lead you away! Dave tells us about a new game called Echo, while continuing our conversation on Metroid and Divinity. Rob dabbles…

KAIDO Cast 15 - Super Mario Brazilian

This week Dave recounts his hours in Yakuza, while bringing new tales of Metroid and Divinity, Rob dabbles in emulation, and Zac talks about wanting to play games again.

KAIDO Cast 14 - KAIDO Express

We're down a man, but this allows Dave and Zac to achieve a record time this episode. All aboard for Yakuza, Snakes and Time commitment!

KAIDO Cast 13 - ASMario

This week Dave talks about small dreams, Rob survives the cult by not playing their games, and Zac gets his XCOM on.

KAIDO cast 12.jpg

KAIDO Cast 12 - Sonic Mania: The Best Horror in Years

Davos brings the future to us, Bobert finally opens up about the ghosts, and Zac 'n Cheese loves that crazy hedgehog.

KAIDO Cast 11 - How Powerful is This French Bread?

This week we focus on the new. Dave has to go fast, Rob traps at night, and Zac is still crazy... I thought this was new?

KAIDO Cast 10 - Dota-thlon

This week Dave finds himself raiding tombs and walking weird, Rob makes sure not to overlook, and Zac builds kingdoms in order to escape his mental illnesses.

KAIDO Cast 09 - The Pacifist, the Anarchist, and the Chef

This week Dave finishes what has been started, Rob is blasting through space, and Zac sucks at cooking.

KAIDO Cast 08 - Sick Dunks and Mall Cops

We make our way through the topic of suicidal robots unto much more pressing matters: Building citys, podcast games, and Windows 95.

KAIDO Cast 07 - Dr. Chuck Tingle's AI Dream Daddy

This week we are visited by our new friend Rob and his good buddy Chuck, Andy is head over heels for some daddies, and Zac regrets the decisions he's made.

KAIDO Cast 06 - Murk in the Woods

Luke is back, along with our ability to keep things on the rails. Luke brings tales of fantasy, Andy grows up, and Zac just needs to relax.

KAIDO Cast 05 - Filothophical

This week we tackle the most controversial topic of the century: Canvassing. Other than that we are Luke-less and unleashed. Dave spoilers Nier, and Zac comes with knowledge of What Remains of Edith Finch.

KAIDO Cast 04 - A Taste That Stays With You for Hours

This week America Dave stops in for a visit, Luke smelled the chicken dinner, Zac questions our ability to have flying cars.

KAIDO Cast 03 - Creamy Delight

We all know the best way to recover from E3 is a lengthy podcast.

KAIDO Cast 02 - Sorry, I'm Only Half the Best Man

We made it through E3, and it is time for us to spread the knowledge of whats new. Zac discusses his Switch from Victory, Luke admits defeat, and Dave is probably dancing or something... Oh yeah, did I mention it's Tuesday?

KAIDO Cast 01 - I Pronounce This a Podcast

A Professional Gamesman, a Streamer, and a Hardware Store Associate. Let's do this!

KAIDO Cast 00 - Mic Check

Checking the mic and testing the waters. Hopefully great things to come down the road!